New And Unusual In Kind Donation Fundraising Ideas

Nonprofit Intelligence™ — Business Intelligence for nonprofits — overcomes this challenge by tying together disparate data sources to provide a cross-organizational view of vital information. By transforming data into knowledge and knowledge into informed in kind donations for nonprofits decisions,Guest Posting Nonprofit Intelligence delivers the sophisticated analysis and insight nonprofit professionals need to make sound business decisions. Nonprofit Intelligence, which can be achieved with The Information Edge, has four critical components:

Mission Intelligence : Mission Intelligence provides a complete view of all constituent, financial and program activities to help you assess the performance and overall health of your organization. Nonprofits often struggle to get this complete view because information is scattered across the organization. But in order to gain a competitive advantage, organizations must understand how marketing affects fundraising, how certain programs affect costs, and how each function in the organization contributes to building relationships with constituents.

Business Intelligence applications, like The Information Edge, sit on top of your transactional applications (fundraising, financial management, ticketing, programs, etc.

) to give decision-makers the information they need to understand funding sources, program costs, and operational efficiencies, as well as build lifetime relationships with your constituents.

Fundraising Intelligence: Fundraising Intelligence results from having a complete view of how constituents interact with your organization. To give your donors the personal attention they expect, you must have a comprehensive picture of each donor and his/her different affiliations with your organization. Without a holistic view, individual departments tend to over-solicit or send generic messages, potentially damaging relationships and stifling the potential lifetime value of your donors.

Nonprofit Intelligence overcomes these challenges by integrating your fundraising data with other critical information from across your organization. The Information Edge helps you create a single source of insightful data, so you can build stronger donor relationships and raise more money.

Financial Intelligence: Financial Intelligence is realized when you have fast and accurate access to all revenue and cost information to help you run your nonprofit organization like “a business.” In today’s more complex organizations, CFOs and accounting office staff are challenged to collect and analyze critical data stored beyond the accounting system, often in multiple databases across the organization.

Moreover, key stakeholders, including your donors and board, are demanding fast and more detailed mission performance and accountability information in light of corporate scandals and increased regulations. The Information Edge overcomes these challenges by integrating your financial data with other critical information from across your organization.

Marketing Intelligence: Marketing Intelligence reveals the constituent characteristics necessary for superior segmentation and reports on the results to help you repeat and improve successful marketing campaigns.

All too often, marketing programs are solely measured on how many funds are raised, without consideration for costs or ROI (return on investment). This one-sided view can result in significant money wasted on direct marketing and no method to assess “what works” in attracting support for your organization. The Information Edge overcomes this narrow view and opens up a platform for your organization to assess your marketing programs in a whole new way.