Use Recruitment Agencies To Find New Media Jobs

Lead With Business Objectives!
Unfortunately a lot of website agencies consider technology first and marketing second. They are so focused on using a new gizmo or clever drop down menu that they forget to ask how this helps the business. Start with what the business needs first and force the technology to match it.

Don’t Blindly Mirror Competitors!
The greatest business breakthroughs we have Web Design Kerry with our customers is when we take something that works in one industry and apply it another. If you only copy your competitors you are always going to be one step behind.

Search Engines are King!
Some websites are fantastic looking, have good workflow and convert well but are completely invisible to the search engines. Programmers have the strange habit of coding sites that work well from their point of view but leave Google blind.

A Website is only one step!
A website it is not a whole marketing plan. A standalone website that is not promoted is good as having a very expensive leaflet in a cupboard that no one sees. You have to think about how you are going to get that website seen by customers and what is going to get them to automatically come back. Use data capture tools such as
o Free Reports

o Automatic evaluations

o Free Trials

o Webinars

o Newsletters

Your Website is not an Island!
Your website should be integrated into every customer contact and also help every member of your company do their job better. It should;
o Tie in and enhance your direct marketing projects

o Track offline advertising

o Automate repetitive customer support / sales tasks

o Build customer relationships through automated marketing.