You can win the survival game and fulfill your higher needs for self-actualization.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs places physiological, safety, social, and belonging as the primary categories of needs. In the essay “How to Conquer the Survival Game and Achieve Self Actualization,” we addressed these needs. Consult the resource box to read this article.

The needs for “Ark 2” are now in focus. Being acknowledged or recognized is what this level of wants is all about.  Here are some ideas for elevating your rank or esteem. We’ll concentrate on producing “ideal” circumstances that don’t drain your energy. The best guarantee of being able to pass the lower level need brackets and enter the higher level need brackets is having more energy than you require.

Locate methods to contribute

Ensure that these pursuits align with your principles. Avoiding conflicts of interest is crucial. Also, look for activities that require little upkeep in terms of time and money. You will gain Ark 2 self-respect and self-esteem from this activity. Both giving and receiving value praise and admiration. They include a good understanding of our interdependence. There are many “needy” people, and it’s simple to locate organizations that assist them. Threats to the environment need to be addressed. There is always a need for new voices to advocate for liberating social causes. You don’t need to develop fanaticism. Just make a reasonable and measured contribution. You’ll receive compensation. 

Use creativity to express yourself.

Choose a form of expression that suits your personality and use it to communicate your innermost sentiments. This may be something straightforward, like a blog. Many locations on the Internet allow you to start one for free. Keeping in touch with your authentic self can be achieved through creative writing. If you enjoy photography, you can upload your photos and discuss them online. You can scan and post your artwork if you do it. Another powerful means of expression is through music. Using a computer, MP3 files can be simply made and uploaded.

Esteem needs are followed by the domain of being needs. The true frontier of self-actualization is here. I’ll now quote Wikipedia:

“Kurt Goldstein coined the phrase “self-actualization,” which refers to people’s innate desire to maximize their special talents and improve as much as possible. According to Maslow, self-actualization includes:

The intrinsic development of what is already there in the body—or, to be more precise, of what the organism is—is self-actualization. (1949; Psychological Review)

Maslow describes self-actualizing people as having the following characteristics:

* They embrace the facts and realities of the world (including them) rather than denying or avoiding them;

* They act spontaneously and with creativity;

* They are interested in solving problems, which frequently includes the problems of others. They sense a connectedness to other people and usually enjoy life. They have a system of morality that is totally internalized and independent of external authority. Addressing these problems is frequently a major priority in their lives. They make impartial judgments about other people without bias.

Self-actualization is, in essence, realizing your entire potential.

“The ability to control your energy is ultimately necessary to realize your greatest potential. The more energy you have available to address the higher requirements of self-actualization, the less you will need to expend on the lower level wants. Optimal Living is all about coming up with innovative, self-sustaining solutions to meet those demands and to gather and conserve energy.

You can receive energy in various different ways. You can buy safety, sustenance, and housing with money. You receive nurturing, caring, support, and assistance when needed from adult relationships and group participation. You find significance and fulfillment when you learn to offer from the bottom of your heart. Expressing yourself creatively keeps you in touch with your higher self and strengthens that connection. You gain more awareness, subtle pleasure, admiration, and the like from the aesthetic aspect of life, such as art, music, yoga, introspection, openness, and intimacy.

I’m hoping this post will help you develop a clearer vision for your life. It will inspire you to think of “Optimal Living” solutions to suit your needs and recharge. So you’ll build up enough momentum to “escape velocity” out of the rut of a life spent merely surviving and more swiftly progress into self-actualization.