Young Driver Car Insurance – Lower It with Education

There are many types of drivers on the road. While many are personal drivers, there is a need for safe and diligent public transportation drivers in any town or city to facilitate the travel needs of consumers who do not drive for one reason or other.

Training course

Public transportation is a crucial Excavator Training Certificate entity in any  society. It usually involves the engagement of a large and heavy vehicle to accommodate a group of passengers such as minibus or coach. There must be qualified and skilled drivers for such heavy vehicles that transport passengers. Drivers must be rightly trained with the right course on handling the vehicle on the road.

There are LGV and HGV training courses in the market to equip those who are keen to seek employment in this industry. These training courses are designed to equip the potential drivers on safety and road laws for the benefit of the passengers, pedestrians and other road users.

LGV or HGV training courses are usually conducted to qualify drivers in categories C and E which are class I license. Such training courses are meant to kick start a career in driving light or heavy GV or improve their driving skills.


The local government is considering the availability of a HGV license at the age of 18 with the proper HGV training where one would gain their Driver CPC qualification with the passing of their driving test. Such candidates would be required to take on the appropriate national vocational HGV training course before starting a career in public transportation driving.

As time goes by, there may be new laws impacting this qualification. Later, there may be a flood of HGV qualified drivers in the market that would create a higher competition among HGV drivers.

Course outline

The LGV or HGV training course is crucial in developing careful and safe drivers on the road to reduce the number of casualties involving passengers. Hence, the training course is specially structured with theory sessions to create a stronger awareness of road safety and traffic laws that would benefit all road users.